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The company is set up by three professionals from different industry and different professional background, but sharing a common vision. They bring together their respective expertise to bear on the operations and finances of the company. Together they hope to make a difference in the way business is done for agricultural, import export, shopping malls, farm house projects or residential house projects. Their joint vision is to make the company a top rated among its peers and competitors by customers, Vendors, Employees and larger society. They hope to drive every activity with a passion to preserve the environment and be in harmony with nature. They believe in the beautiful lines ` When heart gets involved in what mind wants to achieve, The result radiates ultimate shine...
Surya Shakti Gypsum Benefits
Surya Shakti Gypsum is one of those rare materials that perform in all categories of soil treatment: An amendment, conditioner & fertilizer. It loosens soil while providing needed calcium and sulphate & penetrates the soil without being incorporated. When dissolved it releases calcium and sulphate. It is 100% more soluble than lime. It increases calcium without effecting pH. Surya Shakti gypsum is great for no till crops, oilseed, grains, pulses, pastures, fruits & vegetables. If soil does not get gypsum when it needs it, the soil may compact, prevent water and air penetration, lose its leaching ability and become saturated with salt or other excessive elements harmful to plant growth and health. Then the plant suffers from bad soil conditions.Poor soil structure is a major limiting factor in crop yield. The bottom line to the many benefits of gypsum is higher yield at a minimum cost.
  • Decreases Bulk Density of Soil
  • Helps Prepare Soil for No-Till
  • Decreases Loss of Fertilizer Nitrogen to the Air
  • Helps Plants Absorb Plant Nutrients